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Mobile Broadband Pricing
Effective 14/06/2012
Post Paid Plan Name Monthly Fee Activation Fee Data Costs Online Order
Overflow Mobile 3G (BYO Dongle)
For those customers who bring there own dongle
Dongles locked to the OPTUS/Virgin/Dodo/Boost Networks will work!
$3.30 $9.95 $0.022 per mb ORDER NOW
Overflow Mobile 3G (Inc Dongle)
New conenction for customers who require a dongle. (24 Month Contract)
$6.00 $9.95 $0.022 per mb ORDER NOW
PrePaid Plans Activation Fee Time Recharge Data Recharge Online Order
Overflow Prepaid 3G (BYO DONGLE)
For those customers who bring there own dongle
Dongles locked to the OPTUS/Virgin/Dodo/Boost Networks will work!
$24.95 See Chart See Chart ORDER NOW
Overflow Prepaid 3G (With Dongle)
Customers who need a dongle with there connection
$49.95 See Chart See Chart ORDER NOW
Prepaid Activation Charge includes 60 Days access

3G Recharging Rates:
TIME RECHARGE 30 Days 90 Days 180 Days 1 Year
COST $5.00 $13 $20 $32

3G Reharging Rates:
DATA RECHARGE 500mb 1 Gb 3Gb 10Gb
COST $12.00 $20.00 $55.00 $180.00

How to Recharge:
Simply choose the numbers of days you require then add the data plan.  At any time you can renew time or data.
Example: You bought a 10gb block of 6 months and you havent used it all, simply buy more time to extend the data pack
If you bought 12 months access and used all your data, you can buy a data pack only.  Your service will not work if you dont have enought TIME or DATA credits. Any service that is not recharged by 30 days past the last Expiry date will have the USIM Cancelled

Special Notes:
- 10 email addresses and generous 100Mb of web/mail storage
- Uploading and Downloading of data is counted
- We use the OPTUS Network, but supply our own Data.
- Dongle supplied is not locked to the OPTUS netwokr. 


Please check www2.optus.com.au for availability. 

Off Peak & On Peak:
- Our plans do not have a peak / off peak quota unlike other providers.
- You can feel free to use your generous quota when you want to, not when you can.

P2P Shaping:
- P2P is not recomended whilst your using the 3g option, due to cost


- Monthly access charges are billed monthly in advance. Payment options are Paypal, or Credit Card only.
- Late payment fee of $15.00 appiles to any payment not recieved by the due date.
- Payments by Credit Card and Paypal will incur a 2% charge to defray costs.

IP Address: 
- All plans come with Static IP address.

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